Lemmings Wiki
Tribe Cavelems Tribe
Level # 8
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 8:00
Skills Available 05 Rollers
08 Fencers
01 Bombers
08 Fillers
05 Stackers
10 Ballooners
10 Jumpers
10 Hoppers
Level Chronology
Previous Deadly Exit
Deadly Exit (SNES)

Wilma! is the eighth level of the Cavelems Tribe in Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

Gold medal strategy[]

Have the first lemming jump as soon as he drops out of the entrance then make him a Stacker. One lemming will walk over his unfinished wall, but once it is high enough to hold the others back, make him jump left to join the others. Meanwhile, make your Trailblazer a Roller so that he lands on the upper right ledge of the pit below, then when he faces left make him a Roller again so that he makes it to the top of the left ledge.

When he reaches a pit a couple of platforms down, give your Trailblazer a balloon while he's walking right and make him land on the platform under where the other lemmings are contained. Make him a Stacker at the bottom of a ledge then make him jump once his wall is high enough to contain the other lemmings. Make him fence until he hits steel then give him the Bomber skill to create a hole wide enough to allow the other lemmings to walk down. Free the lemmings who are caught in the pit to the left of the entrance with a Filler skill.

Have a lemming fence through the second Stacker wall then fence through the ledge at the right-end of the platform before ground level. Finally, fence through the plants so that your lemmings can reach the exit.

SNES strategy[]

Make the first lemming jump twice to get ahead of the others then make him a Stacker right at the edge of the starting platform. Once his wall is high enough to hold the other lemmings back, make your Trailblazer jump over the gap to reach the other platform. Let him drop into the pit below and when he heads left, give him a balloon and use the Fan to guide him over the first ledge. Let him walk as high as possible then make him a Stacker when he reaches another ledge. When he reaches the edge of the platform, give him both Platformer skills. Free the other lemmings by fencing through the wall, then fence through the rock and the plant blocking the exit located at ground level.

Version differences[]

  • The Roller Skills have been replaced with two Icarus Wings.
  • The Hopper skills have been replaced with two Platformer skills.
  • The steel and the rock platform under the entrance have been removed, leaving only a gap in the starting platform.
  • The entrance has been moved more to the left.
  • There is no pit on the left side of the starting platform.


  • This level's name is a reference to a character from The Flintstones, a 1960s American cartoon sitcom about a family of cavemen.