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Release rateRelease rate

Level # 1.11
No. of Lemmings 50
To be Saved 96% (48 Lemmings)
Release Rate 10
Time 4 Minutes
Level Chronology
Previous Topsy Turvy
Next Green with Envy
Anger, Love, Hate

Which Switch is Which? is the 1st level of the 11th column in Lemmings Revolution.


Reduce the release rate to 1 and make the first and second lemmings Athletes so that they can go up the right and left walls respectively. The right Athlete will flip a Switch that will open a Retractable Door, allowing the left Athlete to flip another Switch which will close another Retractable Door that prevents the other lemmings from falling in the water tank once the Disappearing Tiles have been cleared.

When the right Athlete reaches ground level, have it dig three times, then build so that he turns around. Meanwhile, have the left Athlete build before the Switch located on a steel platform, then bash through the dirt wall. Have the right Athlete build over the gap located between the dirt floor and the water tank. Have the left Athlete also build over the gap located on the left side of the water tank. When he turns around and walks past another Switch, have it build to a piece of overhanging steel. He will then flip the Switch he passed, opening the right Retractable Door which will allow the other lemmings to reach the Balloon. Raise the release rate to 99 and bomb the Athlete that remains before he flips the Switch again.

100% strategy[]

Youtuber pirohiko has demonstrated that it is possible to save 100% on this level.

Send one Athlete to the right and two Athletes to the right using the first, second and fourth lemmings. Once the Retractable Door covering the water tank is closed, raise the release rate to 99. Make the first Athlete dig down when he touches ground level, then make him build after he shaved three layers to turn him around. Meanwhile, turn the second Athlete into a Blocker when he is standing on top of the Switch located on the steel platform. Quickly return to the first Athlete and make it build over the gap leading to the lemmings contained.

Next, find the third Athlete and make it bash through the dirt wall then build over the gap located on the left of the contained lemmings. When he turns left, make him build to the overhanging steel to seal off the chasm. He should then turn back right and flip the Switch that will release the contained lemmings. Then assign a Bomber skill to the second Athlete when the third Athlete is about to pass under the steel platform again, but make him a Builder so he does not explode. After hitting his head, he will turn right and flip the Switch which will open the left Retractable Door, allowing both remaining Athletes to join the other lemmings in the Balloon.