Lemmings Wiki

Difficulty Tricky
Level # 2
No. of Lemmings 40
To be Saved 88% (35 Lemmings)
Release Rate 50
Time 5 Minutes
Level Chronology
Previous Jelly Climber
Next This is the army

Which Exit? is the 2nd level of the Tricky difficulty and the 22nd level overall in 3D Lemmings.



Turn the first lemming into a Blocker so that the lemmings turn around, bump into the corner, then fall one platform below. The first lemming to recover from the fall must also be turned into a Blocker, then raise the release rate to 99. The lemmings will fall down a few more platforms then make it to the correct exit via trampoline. Nuke the Blockers when there are no lemmings remaining.

Access codes[]

  • PC / Playstation: GUMMOSIS
  • Sega Saturn: SHOBNALL