Lemmings Wiki

Tribe Circus Tribe
Level # 1
No. of Lemmings 50 (Amiga)
50 (Genesis)
40 (SNES)
30 (DOS)
Time 4:00
Skills Available 40 Runners
40 Jumpers
40 Stompers
40 Stackers
40 Attractors
0 Users
40 Archers
40 Ballooners
Level Chronology
Next SO COOL (Amiga)

WELCOME BACK! is a Circus Tribe level, and the first level of the Demo version of Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

Amiga strategy[]

Make the first lemming stomp through the starting platform after he no longer stands under the entrance. Meanwhile, move the cannon about three quarters of the way to the right. Make one lemming a Runner and have him jump over the cannon, and make him a Stacker at the edge to stop lemmings from falling off to their death. Once the wall is tall enough, give him a balloon and use the Fan to guide him across the gap. While some lemmings make it over the gap using the cannon, give balloons to the others to speed up their rescue.

DOS strategy[]

After the first lemming is no longer directly under the hatch, make the newest one an Attractor. The leader Stomps, Runs, and Stacks at the edge, Jumping off after laying five bricks and facing left. Jump the Attractor and make several lemmings Runners. Make Archers at a consistent spot so as to form a bridge of arrows. Once this bridge touches the floor, Jump lemmings onto it. If possible, shoot another arrow backwards so they can walk onto the bridge. Done correctly, all 30 will make it.

Version differences[]

  • The cannon does not work automatically, and requires Users.
  • There are 40 User skills available.