Traps are objects in a level designed to kill the Lemmings. They are inactive, and often well hidden, until a Lemming gets too close.

If a group of Lemmings are bunched up together, the majority will be able to walk past a trap unhurt, as only one Lemming at a time will be trapped. Other traps however will kill any Lemming that comes too close.


  1. 10 Tons Trap
  2. Bear Trap
  3. Chain Trap
  4. Rock Crusher Trap
  5. Antimatter Beam Trap
  6. Thumper Trap
  7. Pin Trap
  8. Ball Zapper Trap
  9. Crystal Slicer Trap
  10. Spinner Hazard
  11. Flamethrower Trap
  12. Fire Pit

Oh No! More LemmingsEdit

  1. Vine Trap
  2. Grinder Trap
  3. Chameleon Trap
  4. Pounder Trap
  5. Plasma Ray Trap
  6. Ice Spike Trap
  7. Vacuum Tube Trap

Lemmings 2: The TribesEdit

  1. Clam Trap
  2. Suction Capsule
  3. Strangling Flower
  4. Dragon
  5. Creature in the Dark
  6. Egyptian Tomb Trap
  7. Exclamation Marked Thumber Trap
  8. Tennis Ball
  9. Ice Cube Maker
  10. Space War Machine
  11. Airlock Trap

All New World of LemmingsEdit

3D LemmingsEdit

Lemmings RevolutionEdit

  1. The Crab
  2. The Bird
  3. The Scorpion
  4. Weasel

Lemmings (2006)Edit

Lemmings TouchEdit

Lemmings: The Official GameEdit


  • The ZX Spectrum version of Lemmings doesn't contain any of the above traps.
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