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A Trailblazer is a community given term used to describe a Lemming that performs most or all tasks needed to guide the rest safely to the exit. It is not an official term given by the developers, and other walkthrough authors have used different terms such as scout.

How to send a trailblazer[]

  • Keep all other Lemmings behind with Blockers, the typical way of doing it.
  • Sending one Climber (which usually must be made an Athlete) over a wall, as it is done in Keep your hair on Mr. Lemming.
  • Digging a pit that no other Lemmings can escape, a way of saving 100%. A level that requires this method is The ascending pillar scenario.
  • Send the lemmings into a region that contains them, and wait for the final lemming to enter the level. Send the final lemming on a different path. Examples of levels using this method are Evil Whisper, and Anxiety.