Timothy Wright (Born July 31, 1967) is a British video game musician. His first job was in September 1987 at Sharp as a VCR repairman. In February 1988, he left and joined Littlewoods as a trainee developer, then he went on to be a senior systems developer and finally a PC systems manager. His video game music, which included music from Lemmings career started in 1994 when he worked for Psygnosis. His brother Lee also worked there as a programmer and while his brother was sometimes credited for music, he never actually did music for games and only attempted it. He left Psygnosis and 1998 and did not do video game music again. From 1995 to 2000, he worked for Black Dawn Digital as a managing director and developer. In March 1998, he worked for Jester Interactive as a creative director. He stayed there until July 2003 and moved on to Checkmate Solutions, and like his job at Black Dawn Digital, he was a managing director. Then in 2007, he worked for Empire Interactive as a technical director and left a year later. Ever since July 2003, Tim had been working at Tantrumedia Limited as a managing director.

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