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The Lemmings Chronicles (also known as All New World of Lemmings and Lemmings 3) is the third game in the Lemmings series. It was released in 1994.


Taking place immediately after Lemmings 2: The Tribes, The Lemmings Chronicles follows the adventures of the tribes. Having just escaped the destruction of Lemming Island on an airship, the lemmings discover 12 islands amongst an archipelago. Each tribe picks an Island of their own and begin to colonize their respective island.

The game follows the adventures of only 3 of the 12 tribes (Classic. Egyptian, and Shadow) as they attempt to successfully colonize new islands.


The following skills are available to be used an unlimited number of times in a level:

  • Walk: When used on a walking lemming, turns the lemming around. When used on a lemming that is using a blocker or tool, causes the lemming to stop and begin walking. Can also be used to turn swimmers and cause shimmiers to fall.
  • Block: Makes the lemming stand still and prevent other lemmings from passing. Can be freed using the walk command.
  • Jump: Makes the lemming jump forward. Can be used to cross gaps, reach steps that are just too high to walk up, and pass blockers.
  • Tool: When used on a lemming holding a tool, causes the lemming to perform the action associated with that tool. When the cursor is over a lemming holding a tool or a pickup, the icon changes accordingly.
  • Drop: Makes the lemming drop any tools that it is holding. These reappear on the map as a single pickup.


The following tools are available in the levels:

  • Bricks: Allows the lemming to place bricks on which the lemmings can walk. Can be used in any direction except straight down. 8 per pickup.
  • Spades: Allows the lemming to dig a tunnel through which the lemmings can walk. Can be used in any direction except straight up. 8 per pickup.
  • Suckers (climbers): Allows the lemming to climb up a vertical surface. 8 per pickup.
  • Suckers (shimmiers): Allows the lemming to traverse gaps by moving across a ceiling. 8 per pickup.
  • Swimmers: Allows the lemming to safely cross water. 1 per pickup.
  • Umbrella: Allows the lemming to survive a long fall. 1 per pickup.
  • Bombs: Allows the lemming to place a bomb, which explodes after 5 seconds and destroys terrain. 1 per pickup.
  • Grenades: Allows the lemming to throw a grenade, which bounces around and explodes after 8 seconds, and destroys terrain. 4 per pickup.
  • Hadoken: Allows the lemming to fire an energy ball which kills monsters. 1 per pickup.
  • Clock: Adds one minute to the timer when picked up. This tool disappears when picked up, and is not held by the lemming.


Unlike most traps, these enemies move around the level and attack the lemmings in different ways.

While not necessarily a trap, the Mole can also be found wandering about the levels. It can clear away large swaths of terrain very quickly, making it useful for some levels, but can also cause mass chaos and lead the lemmings into danger.