Lemmings Wiki
Tribe Egyptian Tribe
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 9 Minutes
Skills Available 01 Parachuter
01 Superlem
01 Laser Blaster
01 Ballooner
01 Swimmer
01 Rock Climber
01 Stomper
01 Jet Pack
Level Chronology
Mummy, Mummy! (Game Boy)

The Egypt Cottage! is the seventh level of the Egyptian Tribe in Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

Bronze medal strategy[]

Wait for all lemmings to come out of the entrance then use a Stomper to clear the floor between the steel. About half of your lemmings will make it to the exit, while the other half will be trapped to the right of the Sphinx. Nuke them to end the level.

Gold medal strategy[]

Assign a Jet Pack to the first lemming and use the Fan to guide him towards the left-hand shaft. Make him a Parachuter before he drops down and guide him so that he lands on the small island between the two pools of water. Then make him a Ballooner and use the Fan to guide him up until he's standing on the platform of breakable terrain under the sphinx. Make him a Superlem and guide him to the top of the sphinx's head and use the Laser Blaster skill to free the other lemmings. Make one of the lemmings trapped on the right side a Stomper so that they can also reach the exit.

Version differences[]

Game Boy/Game Gear
  • Renamed to "The Egypt Cottage".

Access code[]

  • Game Boy/Game Gear: BDATKDFQ