Lemmings Wiki
Tribe Circus Tribe
Level # 9
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 9:00
Skills Available 03 Pole Vaulters
10 Hoppers
01 Laser Blaster
05 Magic Carpets
01 Attractor
01 Platformer
Level Chronology
Next Swingz and Roundaboutz!

The Carpet Capers.... is the ninth level of the Circus Tribe in Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

Gold medal strategy[]

Make the first lemming a Pole Vaulter when he's half a block away from the flag. Once he's across the gap, move the cannon to the far right so that he can be shot through the hole. When he has walk down to the edge of the red platform, give your Trailblazer a Magic Carpet and use the Fan to guide him across until he reaches the area with the wagon. Use the Laser Blaster skill on the left side of the entrance to free the other lemmings.

As the lemmings pass through the hole made in the starting platform, they will be temporarily stunned by the fall. This will give your Trailblazer a head start so when he slips through the small gap in the floor, make one of the other lemmings an Attractor to stop the others from following. Give your Trailblazer the Platformer skill to seal off the gap before the exit. Free the other lemmings by giving the Attractor a Magic Carpet and guiding him to the wall.

Version differences[]

  • the cannon is immobile.
  • the gap to the right of the entrance is thinner.