Lemmings Wiki
Tribe Beach Tribe
Level # 2
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 9 Minutes
Skills Available 2 Jet Packs
1 Laser Blaster
3 Glue Pourers
3 Bashers
1 Roper
1 Sand Pourer
Level Chronology
Previous Quad Quirks on the Quay!
Islands in the Sky (Game Boy)
Next Cannonball
Spade-a-rama! (Game Boy/Game Gear)

The Barley Mow.... is the second level of the Beach Tribe in Lemmings 2: The Tribes.


Lemmings will be trapped between the parasolss until you can get them out. Use a Jet Pack and the Fan to push a lemming onto the platform below the entrance. Have that lemming bash through the slope, into the area beneath him (the fall will be safe). Once he's fallen, use the Roper skill to create a wall, and bash your way through the parasol to the exit. Now use another jet pack and the Fan to push another lemming on the platform below the entrance. Let that lemming walk underneath the massive group and turn it into a Laser Blaster to free them. There is a Suction Capsule on this level but using this strategy avoids the trap entirely.

SNES strategy[]

Make the first lemming an Attractor then give a Jet Pack to one of the lemmings in trance and use the Fan to guide it off the starting platform. Bash through the slope to reach the lower level and use a Roper to reach the platform with the beach ball. Now that your Trailblazer has turned left, bash through the slope to reach the platform below, then bash through the soda can. To release the other lemmings, assign a Jet Pack to one held back and then give it the Laser Blaster when he's underneath the Attractor.

Version differences[]

Game Boy/Game Gear
  • Renamed to "The Barley Mow..."
  • The Glue Pourer skills were replaced with 03 Magic Bridges.
  • Number of Jet Packs, Glue Pourers, Bashers, Ropers and Sand Pourers increased to 10, 5 and 10, 2 and 2 respectively.
  • 1 Attractor skill is also available.
  • There is a tall steel pillar to the right of the entrance, more soda cans to the left, and the parasols have been removed.
  • The exit is located one floor lower.

Access code[]

  • Game Boy/Game Gear: NCGBDJFB


  • This is the 3rd Beach level in the Game Boy/Game Gear port.