The Adventures of Lomax
Lomax cover.jpg
Cover Art
Developer Psygnosis
Publisher Psygnosis
Release Date October 22, 1996
Platform(s) Sony Playstation
Windows PC

The Adventures of Lomax (known in Europe and Japan as Lomax/ロマックス) is a spin-off video game of the Lemmings series. The player takes the role of Lomax, a lemming knight who must save his people from influence of the nefarious sorcerer Evil Ed. The game was released for the PlayStation and Microsoft Windows in 1996. Kath Soucie provides the voice of Lomax.


Lomax is a mischievous but somewhat cowardly lemming knight of Lemmingland. One day, a dark wizard lemming named Evil Ed cast a sinister spell in order to brainwash the populace and gain control of Lemmingland. As such, Lomax must embark on a perilous quest, facing off against evil lemmings cursed by Ed, as well as other hostile characters (such as Pirate Skeletons and Sharks), in order to free Lemmingland from the wizard's clutches.


This game inherits the gameplay and style which was seen in Erwin Kloibhofer and Henk Nieborg's previous title, Flink. As Lomax, the player must navigate through four main worlds with three levels each, in a side-scrolling platform game. The enemies are brainwashed lemmings who have been turned into monsters taking the form of zombies, cowboys, and aliens. Like some other platformers, bumping into them kills the player's character. The player's main attack spins Lomax around, and can be used to both avoid being killed by bumping into enemies, and defeat them. When defeated, enemies are turned back into ordinary lemmings, and true to type, they then jump off the nearest ledge. There are coins scattered throughout the levels that grant additional lives when enough are found. Magic helmets can also be found, which can be used as weapons and grant Lomax immunity from one attack, after which he loses the helmet.

In addition to the standard platforming, Lomax is also able to use several abilities featured in the original Lemmings, such as building bridges and blowing up obstacles, as well as others not found in the original.

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