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The Adventures of Lomax (known in Europe and Japan as Lomax/ロマックス) is a spin-off platformer video game of the Lemmings series. The player takes the role of Lomax, a lemming knight who must save his people from influence of the nefarious sorcerer Evil Ed. The game was released for the PlayStation and Microsoft Windows in 1996 in North America and Europe, and 1997 in Japan. Kath Soucie provides the voice of Lomax.


Lomax is a mischievous but somewhat cowardly lemming knight of Lemmingland. One day, a dark wizard lemming named Evil Ed cast a sinister spell in order to brainwash the populace and gain control of Lemmingland. As such, Lomax must embark on a perilous quest, facing off against evil lemmings cursed by Ed, as well as other hostile characters (such as Pirate Skeletons and Sharks), in order to free Lemmingland from the wizard's clutches.



Gameplay screenshot

The Adventures of Lomax is a platforming game that places players in control of the titular knight and tasks them with guiding him across four varied worlds, each featuring five stages (three for the final one) and loaded with Evil Ed's cursed foot soldiers. Lomax's main offensive abilities are a spin attack that can kill most enemies, and a ranged helmet throw that functions similarly to a boomerang. He will lose this throwing ability should he get hit, and if hit again he loses a life. Similarly to Nintendo's Super Mario World, if Lomax already has a helmet he can pick up another one and keep it in reserve, and it will fall to him when he takes damage. Additionally, Lomax can come across powerups that can give him helpful abilities, such as the Fire Helmet which increases the helmet throw's base damage and allows it to cut through multiple foes at once, or the Hover Helmet which slows his descent for as long as the powerup button is held. Two abilities, the Builder (allows Lomax to create temporary platforms) and Digger (lets Lomax bash through certain dirt walls) are references to skills in the original Lemmings game.

Aside from additional skills, there are other beneficial items Lomax can collect. Coins found in pots and sacks reward the knight with an extra life should he accumulate 100 of them, and extra life balloons reward the same. Lomax can also "collect" freed lemmings by defeating certain enemies (i.e. transformed lemming monsters--foes like Pirate Skeletons do not count towards this); if this count is or exceeds 50 by the end of a stage, he can access a bonus level filled with coins, extra powerups, and an extra life balloon at the exit. Dying here merely sends Lomax to the next stage. At the end of each of the first three worlds, Lomax must engage in a boss fight against an airship, and cause its missiles to hit tall rocks and ricochet back to itself. Evil Ed is fought at the end of the game, and employs a similar tactic.


Development for The Adventures of Lomax began shortly after the release of Flink, a title released earlier by Psygnosis that programmer Erwin Kloibhofer and graphic artist Henk Nieborg also created. The game was originally intended for the Mega Drive/Genesis like Flink was, with Nieborg creating animations of lemmings running and jumping about.[2] Development shifted to the PlayStation soon however, as the Mega Drive was becoming less favorable to publishers. The Adventures of Lomax was intended to be something bigger than what was eventually released, with a cartoon series planned to release alongside it (Lomax was to be one of eight characters for both).[2] Despite high ambitions, the cartoon never materialized and the game seemingly was cut short, due to, as Nieborg puts it, "we probably didn’t deliver what the marketing department had in mind."[2]