Lemmings Wiki
Tribe Polar Tribe
Level # 5
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 9:00
Skills Available 01 Jumper
03 Scoopers
03 Bombers
02 Fillers
07 Ropers
03 Bazookas
03 Fencers
01 Mortar
Level Chronology
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Take Your Best Shot ! is the fifth level of the Polar Tribe in Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

Gold medal strategy[]

Turn the first lemming into a Roper as soon as he drops out of the entrance and aim for the top of the pine tree to the left. The first lemming to walk over the tip of the tree must jump over the snowball which will hold the other lemmings back. When this Trailblazer drops onto the small floating island above ground level, use another Roper to create a bridge to the entrance of the caves. When he reaches the left edge of the first steel block, use another Roper to reach the floor above, and from there another roper to reach the dead end.

When he reaches the thin patch of snow above the chamber, use two Bomber skills to get inside. The last Bomber skill and a Bazooka is needed on the left side of the chamber to get under the steel before using the Scooper to carve a tunnel to the exit. Release the other lemmings by having one of them fence through the snowball.

Game Boy/Game Gear strategy[]

Use up to two Ropers to reach the top of the pine tree and two more to get over the gap (stall the other lemmings with Pyramiders if needed). Use a Scooper to reach the lower level and once there, have one lemming use a Roper to seal off the gap to the left. Use two Bombers to reach the small chamber then use Bazookas, Fencers and the Mortar as needed to get through the narrow space between the large steel blocks. Use another Scooper to get as close to the exit as possible so that one more Fencer skill will allow your lemmings to enter the cave where it's located at.

Version differences[]

Game Boy
  • Renamed to "Take Your Best Shot".
  • Time limit increased to 9 minutes 59 seconds.
  • The Fillers were replaced with 2 Pyramiders.
  • The floating island with the pine tree closest to the steel blocks is missing.
  • There is no snowball after the dip.

Access code[]

  • Game Boy/Game Gear: NQC0PGBX


  • In the Game Boy/Game Gear port, this is the eighth Polar tribe level.