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The Swinging Chain is a device introduce in Lemmings 2: The Tribes. It is a chain dangling lifelessly from an anemometer. When powered up by the Fan, the chain gradually swings harder and loses momentum only when the Fan stops. Lemmings can be made to grab onto it using the Jumper skill while they are walking towards the chain and will hang on indefinitely until the player presses the central button located on the anemometer. When that happens, the lemming lets go screaming "Geronimo" and flies in the same direction the chain was heading at the time. The distance the lemming covers in the air depends on how hard the chain was swinging. More than one lemming can hang onto the chain at once and they will all be released when the button is pressed. This device is useful for getting over large bodies of water but if the lemming falls from too high, it will splat as usual.


The Swinging Chain appears in the following levels:

Beach Tribe[]

Cavelems Tribe[]

Highland Tribe[]

Outdoor Tribe[]

Shadow Tribe[]

Space Tribe[]

Sports Tribe[]


  • The Swinging Chain is absent from the SNES port of Lemmings 2: The Tribes.