Lemmings Wiki
Tribe Beach Tribe
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 5 Minutes
Skills Available 01 Jumper
01 Builder
02 Runners
05 Fillers
01 Ballooner
01 Superlem
05 Archers
02 Scoopers
Level Chronology
Previous Sand Blaster
Next Award

Surf Lem ! is the tenth and final level of the Beach Tribe in Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

Gold medal strategy[]

Make the first lemming a Runner as soon as he drops out of the entrance then make him a Scooper after he has turned back left to get to the lower platform. When he breaks through, make him a Scooper as soon as he lands on the next platform. When your runner drops onto the small floating island on the far right side of the level, make him an Archer and fire the arrow so that it lands vertically in front of him, acting as a wall and sending the other lemmings left. Make him a Builder to connect the longer floating island to another small floating island to avoid the chasm. All lemmings will eventually make their way to the exit.

Alternate gold medal strategy[]

Use a Scooper to carve through the right side sand bucket until your lemmings hit steel, then use two Filler skills to get to the other side. Send a SuperLem over the the soda can and guide him to the long sand platform below where he must crash. When he walks onto the small floating island next to the Suction Capsule, make in an Archer and have him fire an arrow in the air so that it lands vertically in front of him as a wall. After he has turned left, make him build over the chasm. Release the other lemmings using the other available Scooper skill.

SNES strategy[]

Give the first lemming a parachute while the second lemming is made a Scooper near the bottom of the slope so that he hits steel and prevents the other lemmings from walking forward. Use the Fan to blow your Trailblazer to the platform with the parasol, then make him a Platformer at the edge of this platform. Also give him a Runner skill while he works.

Let your Trailblazer drop down to the platform with the red bucket then fire an arrow at the floating island without grass to create another safety net for the other lemmings. Build over the gap to reach the exit, then have one of the lemmings held back build over the Scooper's tunnel.

Version differences[]

  • Number of Builders increased to 2.
  • The Ballooner and Superlem skills have been replaced with 1 Platformer and 6 Parachuter respectively.
  • Number of Archer and Scooper skills reduced to 1 each.
  • The bucket and soda can to the right of the entrance have been removed.
  • Many floating islands and the Suction Capsule are missing.


  • There is no water or Surfer skills available on this level despite its name.