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Steel blocks from the Mayhem level Steel Works

Steel is a type of terrain found throughout the various Lemmings games.


Steel is a type of impenetrable terrain appearing as a metallic block of various sizes that lemmings cannot use excavation or explosive skills on, preventing players from bypassing obstacles or using shortcuts to reach the exit. In the original Lemmings game, using a Basher, Miner or Digger skill on a steel block will cause a sound of something hitting a metal object to be head ("kling") and the lemming will stop performing his skill immediately. Steel can also be useful; for example, in the Holiday Lemmings 1993 level The Search for Lem, a combination of Digger and Miner is needed to contain lemmings and striking the steel block will stop the lemming from excavating without wasting a Builder skill.

Bypassing steel[]

While meant to be indestructible, due to gameplay limitations or bugs it is possible to bypass or even destroy steel. Bombers exploding in mid-air while standing near steel can partially remove some of it as if it were breakable terrain. In Lemmings Revolution, any lemmings that walked into and got trapped into steel thanks to a Builder ramp built into it, can then be assigned a Climber skill to pass through.

Notable levels[]

While steel is very common through Lemmings games, here are some notable levels where it plays a key role.


Oh No! More Lemmings[]

Holiday Lemmings 1993[]

Lemmings 2: The Tribes[]

Lemmings Revolution[]


  • Steel blocks are commonly placed on both sides of pools of water. This is likely to prevent players from excavating near water and exposing where the ripple animation ends.
  • There is a bug on the Holiday Lemmings 1993 level Lemming Snowfall, as well as Atari Lynx's Special Replacement Level, MIND THE STEP PART 1, that allows players to bash through the steel obstacle.
  • Bubble style levels in Oh No! More Lemmings do not have their own variant of steel terrain except for the 2-player level, The Only Way Out.
  • In Lemmings Revolution, a Miner striking steel will cause his pickaxe to fly off the level.