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The Spinner Hazard, Spinning hazard, or shish kebab is a trap found in the marble style levels of Lemmings. It is a mushroom-shaped machine with two rotating blades on opposites sides. The blades seem to be either energized or extremely hot as any Lemming that comes within range will burn and die.


This trap appears in the following levels:


  • This is the only trap to appear in the Macintosh demo, appearing on Just a Minute...
  • In the DOS version's CGA mode, the Spinner Hazard has only one rotating blade.
  • In the Commodore 64 version, the Spinner Hazards replaced some traps and appears in both the Marble tileset and the Pillar tileset.
  • In the PSP version, the trap drops its metallic mushroom shape and looks more like a wooden log.