Lemmings Wiki
Tribe Polar Tribe
Level # 8
Maximum loss for Gold Two
Time 4:00
Skills Available 01 Magno Booters
02 Throwers
05 Jumpers
04 Exploders
02 Platformers
02 Fencers
Level Chronology
Next Its all up hill !

Snowed In ! is the eighth level of the Polar Tribe in Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

Gold medal strategy[]

Have a lemming from the right entrance jump over the right ledge and let him descend until he reaches the platform with the penguin. Use a Platformer skill to close the gap to the left, then the other Platformer skill is needed to create a bridge to the exit when he turns around. Release the lemmings from his entrance by using a Fencer through the ledge.

Have one of the lemmings from the left entrance chip away at the left side of their containment with the other Fencer skill until he hits steel. Assign an Exploder skill to one of the lemmings the moment he turns left after hitting the right side of their containment. Meanwhile, assign another Exploder skill to a lemming from the right entrance just before he walks on the less steep side of the ramp. This will blow a hole big enough through the obstacle for the left side lemmings to pass through and reach the exit.

Version differences[]

  • The cannon is absent.