Lemmings Wiki
Tribe Beach Tribe
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 8:00
Skills Available 2 Stompers
3 Builders
4 Glue Pourers
2 Archers
2 Fencers
4 Jumpers
Level Chronology
Previous Coastal Suction Function
Next Beach Lems
Beach Lems (SNES)

Sand Stone is the fifth level of the Beach Tribe in Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

Gold Medal strategy[]

Assign a Fencer skill to the first lemming to get through the obstacle on the right of the entrance. Have the lead lemming jump twice when he's on the downward slope to get ahead of the others. When he gets to the chasm separating the second slope from the exit, make him a Builder. After he has placed a second tile, make him a Glue Pourer in order to create a quick bridge to the exit for all lemmings.

SNES strategy[]

Have one lemming fence through the sand wall, then build once to create a ramp the same height as the soda can. When your Builder places his last time, make him jump over the can to act as a Trailblazer. When he reaches the chasm before the exit, make him build then pour glue after placing four tiles. Have one of the lemmings held back complete the Builder's ramp so they can all reach the exit.

Version differences[]

  • Only one Fencer is available.
  • A soda can has been added halfway down the top slope.