Lemmings Wiki
Tribe Beach Tribe
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 7 Minutes
Skills Available 05 Platformers
06 Mortars
20 Jumpers
01 Filler
01 Attractor
01 Archer
20 Roller
07 Bazookas
Level Chronology
Previous Beach Mania
Next Surf Lem !

Sand Blaster is the ninth level of the Beach Tribe in Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

Gold medal strategy[]

Make the second lemming an Attractor while the first lemming is made a Jumper to get out of range. Use five Bazookas to carve a path through the sand castle then one Platformer skill to seal off the water. Once through the sand castle, use at least four Mortars to create a hole through the platform onto the one one below past the Clam Trap, then use another Platformer to get over the second stretch of water. Let your Trailblazer drop onto the grass platform below then when he's just under the large clam, use a Bazooka to create a hole underneath it. Make your Attractor jump to free the lemmings.

SNES strategy[]

Have the first lemming jump twice to gain distance and make the second lemming an Attractor. Before your Trailblazer walks down the sand slope, make it carve a tunnel through the sand castle using all available Bazookas. Use a Roper skill to cross the pool of water.

Once he emerges out of the tunnel he made earlier, give your Trailblazer four Mortars to carve a tunnel to the platform below. Let him drop into the water below then make him a Surfer and use the Fan to blow him left. When he turns back right and reaches the edge of the pool, use a Roper to reach the second last block of the steel wall, creating a safety net for the other lemmings. Release the other lemmings by making the Attractor jump while the Trailblazer uses a Roper skill to get over the steel ledge to his left.

Version differences[]

  • The Platformer skills have been replaced with 5 Ropers.
  • The Roller skills have been replaced with 20 Surfer skills.
  • Number of Bazookas reduced to 6.
  • The entrance is higher and located above an additional platform.
  • The area to the left of the sand castle has more steel.
  • There is no water to the right of the sand castle.