SUNSOFT is an additional difficulty setting available exclusively on the Genesis/Megadrive port of Lemmings, made by and named after the developer of the Genesis port. It features 30 levels, one of which was ported from Oh No! More Lemmings and converted into the original game's tileset (Exodus!). These levels are known for being notoriously hard, even more so than Mayhem. It is the last official difficulty in the game. In the Super NES port, there are five levels, all harder than Mayhem.


  1. Rules to fall
  2. Inside the bone
  3. Anxiety
  4. Train your body
  5. Watch your step
  6. Libra
  7. Everyone turn left (Part two)
  8. Is this a circus?
  9. Evacuating a coal mine
  10. Spiral staircase
  11. Turn around and look
  12. Water processing plant
  13. Doomsday
  14. No world without you
  15. Exodus!
  16. Here is Mr. Lemming's house
  17. Cave quest
  18. SUNSOFT Special
  19. Let's go camping.
  20. Haunted botanical garden
  21. Be sure to be a builder
  22. Watch right or left (Part two)
  23. Move on in two separate groups.
  24. Out, away from the tune
  25. Stray sheep
  26. Just a minute (Part three)
  27. Two heads are better...
  28. The gate trap Lemmings.
  29. I am A.T.
  30. Fall and no life (Part Two)
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