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Runner is a skill that can be given to a lemming in Lemmings 2: The Tribes. A Runner sprints across the ground, traveling much faster than a walker. If it reaches the edge, it will jump slightly rather than just falling, unless it is also a Slider, in which case it will slide down. The Runner is a permanent skill - once assigned to a lemming, it has that skill for the rest of the level.

Effects on other skills[]

In addition to the above, Runners will execute some skills differently to other lemmings:

  • Diver: Jumps higher and further.
  • Jumper: Jumps significantly higher and further.
  • Shimmier: Jumps higher and further, and thus can grab onto higher ceilings than non-Runners.
  • Spearer: Takes a run-up before throwing, and throws the javelin considerably further.
  • Surfer: Jumps further when it leaves the water.
  • Thrower: Takes a run-up before throwing, and throws the ball considerably further.


The Runner skill is key to solving the following levels:

Beach Tribe[]

Circus Tribe[]

Egyptian Tribe[]

Highland Tribe[]

Medieval Tribe[]

Outdoor Tribe[]

Polar Tribe[]

Shadow Tribe[]

Space Tribe[]

Sports Tribe[]