Lemmings Wiki
Tribe Sports Tribe
Level # 8
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 9:00
Skills Available 03 Platformers
02 Archers
02 Superlems
02 Stacker
01 Fencer
05 Builders
02 Pole Vaulters
03 Stompers
Level Chronology
Previous The Sun Sign Selection
Next The Nervous Network!

Run the Risk is the eighth level of the Sports Tribe in Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

Gold medal strategy[]

Make the first lemming a Pole Vaulter just before he steps on the green block next to the steel floor. Meanwhile, have the second lemming build once to get over the steel block. When your Trailblazer has dropped down and is facing left, make him a Superlem and guide him until he crashed onto the small triangular ledge below. When he reaches the edge before the chasm, make him build twice. Just before he finishes building and enters the narrow tunnel, have him fire one or two arrows halfway up the wall behind him, which will act as a safety net for the other lemmings.

When your Trailblazer reaches the thick steel wall, make him stomp until he reaches the steel below, then make him fence. When he reaches the edge of the slope, make him a Platformer to seal off the gap, then again when heading left to reach the slope above. At the top of the slope, make him a Stacker to create a wall that will turn lemmings back right. When he returns onto the slope and is heading right, build to the slope leading to a sheer cliff. At the edge of it, make him stomp about halfway then give him a Pole Vaulter skill to interrupt him. Release the other lemmings by having one of them stomp over the arrow.