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Roper is a skill that can be given to a lemming in Lemmings 2: The Tribes. A Roper stops walking for a moment and shoots a grappling hook attached to a rope, in the direction specified by the player. When the hook makes contact with existing terrain, the hook and rope become part of the terrain on the level. If the hook is shot too far, the rope will break. Like the Archer, the Roper requires two clicks to execute - one to assign the skill, and one to specify where to shoot the grappling hook. Clicking further away from the lemming will cause it to shoot with more power. If the player does not click a second time, the lemming will give up and continue walking.


The Roper's maximum distance is defined in terms of a horizontal and a vertical distance, rather than a length. This means it is possible to shoot further in a diagonal direction without breaking the rope than straight up or sideways.