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Rock Climber is a skill that can be given to a lemming in Lemmings 2: The Tribes. A Rock Climber can scale vertical walls, like a Climber, and is also able to climb overhanging terrain at an angle of up to 45 degrees. If it encounters a greater overhang than this, it will fall down. Before falling, it will briefly hang from the corner, where the Shimmier skill can be given to continue along the ceiling. The Rock Climber is a permanent skill - once assigned to a lemming, it has that skill for the rest of the level. As an upgrade to the original Climber skill, Rock Climber will take precedence over it on a lemming given both.


The Rock Climber skill is key to solving the following levels:

Egyptian Tribe[]

Highland Tribe[]

Medieval Tribe[]

Outdoor Tribe[]

Polar Tribe[]

Shadow Tribe[]

Space Tribe[]

Sports Tribe[]