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A large retractable door

A retractable door is a trap introduced in Lemmings Revolution.These plates of steel vary in size and width and can either be vertical or horizontal. In all cases, like steel terrain they cannot be broken through with any lemming skill. Some retractable doors will start off closed and will need to be opened to complete a level, usually with the flip of a Switch or passing through a Laser Gate. Other doors may already be opened, waiting to close unexpectedly on your lemmings. If that happens, any Builder bricks in its path will be destroyed and lemmings will be pushed off the map and die.

There is also a variant of the retractable door with a counter called a Timed Door.


Retractable doors appear in the following levels:


  • If a Builder builds towards a closed retractable door, he will continue building in the opposite direction upon colliding with it (as if it hit a Blocker).