Lemmings Wiki

Difficulty Mayhem
Level # 12
No. of Lemmings 40
To be Saved 70% (28 Lemmings)
Release Rate 20
Time 10 Minutes
Level Chronology
Previous Across The Network
Next The Catacombs

Raiders of the Lost Lemming is the 12th level of the Mayhem difficulty and the 72nd level overall in 3D Lemmings.



Turn the first lemming into a Turner when he reaches the wall, sending lemmings to the right. Turn the second and third lemmings into Climbers, with the first being turned into a Turner steering lemmings to the left once he makes it on the top of the wall. After the third lemmings climbs the wall, make the fourth lemming a Turner guiding lemmings left down the corridor alongside the wall the Climber is walking on.

After hitting the Turner, the Climber will climb another portion of the wall. Make him mine down once he reaches the top. After the miner reaches ground level, turn two lemmings held back (not the Climber) into Turners so that they can walk up the tunnel. When the Climber reaches the top of his tunnel, make him a Turner sending lemmings right. The first lemming to be steered by him must build over to the roof of the palace. Raise the release rate to 99.

The first lemming to reach the center of the roof must be made a Turner sending lemmings right. The first lemming to be steered by him and walk one block must be made a digger. This will reveal a chamber where the exit is located, so use two more Turner skills to steer the lemmings into it. Once enough lemmings have been saved, nuke the Turners.

Access codes[]

  • PC / Playstation: FABURDEN
  • Sega Saturn: WHEEEEEE


  • The name of this level may be a reference to the 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark.