Lemmings Wiki
Tribe Egyptian Tribe
Level # 10
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 5:00
Skills Available 01 Attractor
03 Magic Bridges
03 Platformers
03 Jumpers
01 Basher
01 Shimmier
01 Stacker
Level Chronology
Previous Wave Pathway
Next Award

Pyramid of Despair is the tenth and final level of the Egyptian Tribe in the Game Boy/Game Gear version of Lemmings 2: The Tribes. For the level from the original Amiga version, see Pyramid of Despair!.

Gold medal strategy[]

Make the first lemming place a Magic Bridge to cross the first pool of water, then when he's seven steps down, place another Magic Bridge to seal off the stairway. Make him bash as soon as he turns right to reach another chamber. When your lead lemming falls through the first gap, turn the second lemming into an Attractor to hold the others back. Let your Trailblazer fall down once more, then make him jump when he reaches the edge to bypass the stepping stones. Let him turn left and use the last Magic Bridge and one Platformer skill to seal off the gaps leading to the exit. Release the other lemmings by making the Attractor jump.

Access code[]