Present is an additional difficulty setting available exclusively on the Genesis/Megadrive port of Lemmings. It features 30 levels, many of which uses the same maps as the Genesis-exclusive levels. These levels differ very wildly in difficulty, ranging from very easy to very hard -- it's more akin to a bonus difficulty than an actual one. The Present levels are unique in the fact that the levels' solutions are often very unconventional, looking more like Backroutes instead of an actual solution. It is followed by the last official difficulty of any lemmings port, SUNSOFT.


  1. Natural life
  2. Don't leave my lemmings
  3. Let me get out of here!
  4. Lemmings standing on the earth
  5. Darkness of the royal family
  6. No time for a detour
  7. Everyone turn Left!
  8. Libra (Part Two)
  9. Fix the road, quick!
  10. Where are you heading?
  11. Field athletics
  12. Balance beam
  13. Watch your step (Part two)
  14. Like an overflowing wave
  15. Evil whisper
  16. A Trap is a trap.
  17. Electric circuit
  18. King of Lemmings
  19. Acrophobia
  20. Lemmings-preying iron plate
  21. Use your brain better.
  22. None title
  23. Precarious oasis
  24. Everyone's a hard nut.
  25. Underground City
  26. Pitfall
  27. Try anything once.
  28. Which one are you trying to get?
  29. Private room available
  30. Final impediment
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