This is a list of info on rare pre-releases of the Lemmings game series. That means they are early or unreleased versions of the games.

Lemmings Edit


This version of the game was developed by TTR Development, Inc. and distributed by Data East.




  • Level Selection Screen (The difficulties are different now, by the way, and some levels are locked.)
  • When not in use, the following will be displayed (in order): High Scores, Logos, Lemmings Intro (not like the usual, this one has 2 lemmings flying in the hot air balloon as the letters of the logo fly in. A lemming on top of the balloon floats down.), "Meet the Lemmings" (Walker: I'm looking for a home, Digger: I dig straight down, Climber: I can climb walls, Builder: I build bridges, Blocker: I turn lemmings around, Basher: I bash thru walls, Floater: I can float down, Miner: I can dig diagonally), and a Tutorial/Demo (features a special anti-drug message: Winners do NOT use drugs! Just say "OH NO!")
  • There are just a tiny amount of glitches, such as lemmings walking backwards.
  • 2 Player gameplay
  • Some of the music is slower than usual.
  • New voices for the lemmings, as well as new quotes, like "We're waitiiiiiing..."
  • The controls include a track ball to move the cursor, and a speed-up/stop button.

Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable)Edit



This version was developed by SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe). Some screenshots of this game floating around the internet are pre-release screenshots.


  • Different Graphics
  • Different Status Bar (Looks more like the classic)

DOS Tech DemoEdit

The original developers of Lemmings made a tech demo of the game featuring Lemmings walking through a cave.

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