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Release rateRelease rate

Difficulty Frost
Level # 15
No. of Lemmings 50
To be Saved 98% (49 Lemmings)
Release Rate 45
Time 5 Minutes
Skills Available 2 Climbers, 1 Bomber, 1 Builder, 4 Bashers, and 1 Miner
Level Chronology
Previous Happy New Year II!
Next Up on the Rooftops

Plethora of Presents is the fifteenth level of the Frost difficulty in Holiday Lemmings 1994.


The first lemming from the top and middle entrances must bash through the snow wall to the right. Turn the first lemming from the top entrance into a Bomber when he is at the top of the incline to the right of the middle entrance. This will create a hole that will trap all but one lemming, but have one trapped lemming bash to the right before it gets too crowded. Meanwhile, have the Trailblazer mine through the stalactite, then bash through the snow pole. Have him build over the gap to reach the exit and raise the release rate to 99. He should be finished before the others arrive.

100% Strategy[]

The first lemming from the middle and top entrances must bash through the snow wall to the right. Bash through the ice stalactite, then have the second lemming in line bash through the snow terrain after he has fallen off the rock. The Trailblazer who is walking ahead must mine through the snow pole until he's at the same height at the Basher, then build to the exit. He should be finished before the others arrive so just raise the release rate to 99.

Access codes[]

  • Amiga / PC: HCANTMLPCN


  • There are actually four entrances in this level; the second and fourth ones are stacked upon each other.

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