Lemmings Wiki
Tribe Space Tribe
Level # 2
Maximum loss for Gold One
Time 3:00
Skills Available 05 Magno Booters
01 Exploder
05 Jumpers
05 Platformers
05 Fillers
Level Chronology
Constructive Space (Game Boy/Game Gear)

Perpetual motion is the second level of the Space Tribe in Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

Gold medal strategy[]

Make the first lemming a Magno Booter after he has turned left, while the second lemming jumps out of the first pit and is contained in the next one. When the lead lemming has reached the peak below, make the second lemming a Magno Booter while he's heading right. After he's walked over the obstacle, make the second lemming an Exploder. When the first lemming is back right-side up, make him jump and he will drop through the hole. One Platformer will be needed to reach the exit, and release the other lemmings with Filler skills as needed.

100% solution[]

Youtuber A Tactician from the Plains has demonstrated it is possible to save 100% on this level.

Give the first lemming Magno Boots so that he walks out of the pit then make him jump over the second pit to make him move faster. Give him Magno Boots to get on top of the obstacle from where he must jump again. Jump over the small gap to land next to the machine, then give him Magno Boots to loop around the obstacle he landed on. Once on top, give him a Filler skill to remove his Magno Boots and after he took a couple of steps down the slope, make him a Platformer twice. After laying fifteen tiles, make him jump onto the peak of the next floating island and make him a Platformer immediately. When his ramp connects to the dip of the platform ahead, give him Magno Boots and let him get on top of the platform. Once on top, make him jump and then a Platformer to reach the exit. Use Filler skills to free the other lemmings from the pit.

Game Boy/Game Gear strategy[]

Have the first lemming jump out of the first pit and over the second pit, then give him Magno Boots so he can get on top of the obstacle. Once at the top, free him by making him jump again. Use the last two Jumpers to get over the gap, then over it again while he's facing left. Use both Bombers to get through the floor and onto the platform below. Use the Platformer skill to seal off the chasm and reach the exit, then free the other lemmings from their containment by making one of them a Pyramider when he's on the left.

Version differences[]

Game Boy/Game Gear
  • Time limit increased to 4 minutes.
  • Number of Booters and Platformers reduced to 1 each.
  • The Exploder and Filler skills were replaced with 2 Bombers and 2 Pyramiders.

Access code[]

  • Game Boy/Game Gear: DHKHAJDT