Lemmings Wiki
Tribe Space Tribe
Level # 8
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 4:00
Skills Available 02 Jumpers
01 Rock Climber
02 Laser Blasters
01 Shimmier
02 Stackers
01 Stomper
01 Slider
Level Chronology
Previous GoSh It'S fUlL oF lEmMs
Next Inside The Steel Box

Odyssey is the eighth level of the Space Tribe in Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

Gold medal strategy[]

Make the first lemming from the left entrance a Stacker when he's about to step on the second block after the hill. One lemming will walk past before the wall is complete and enter a Teleporter which will send him in a pit under the right entrance. Make him stomp while he's heading left and activate the Swinging Chain below using the Fan. Send him flying to the left so that he lands on top of the ledge, then make him a Stacker. When he walks under where other lemmings have gathered, use one of the Laser Blaster skills to free them.

Meanwhile, the other lemming that went through the Teleporter must be allowed to drop into the blue maze to the right and made a Rock Climber while he's heading right. Make him jump so that he grabs onto the overhanging ledge. When he turns left, make him jump again to grab onto another overhanging ledge. When he passes through another Teleporter, use the other Laser Blaster skill to free the lemmings above, allowing them reach the exit.

Version differences[]