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This article is for the non-lethal mechanics applied to a level. Otherwise, see traps.

Obstacles are the objects, environmental effects, and mechanics in a level which directly or indirectly obstructs Lemmings from reaching the exit, interferes with skills or instructions, and/or otherwise impedes gameplay.

Lemmings: The Puzzle Adventure[]

Main article: Lemmings: The Puzzle Adventure

The following obstacles appear in Lemmings: The Puzzle Adventure:


Darkness envelopes some levels and may become more common obstructions in certain planets. It makes a level appear completely dark except for the faint light coming from Lemmings and from torches included in some structures and traps. Once in a while, a flicker of light may briefly illuminate everything in the level for a split-second.

  • It is possible to completely nullify darkness by using the "Lights On" booster
  • Using blockers or attractors can allow Lemmings to stay within a safe space as the player works out the rest of the level
  • Clicking on tiles, even within the darkness, displays all possible instructions that can currently be assigned to a tile- revealing clues as to what is in the tile


Unpredictable portals are found in higher worlds and within the "Portal Madness" Mayhem levels. Passing through a portal makes a Lemming exit at random from one of the other portals within the level.


Bubbles are generated by either bubble traps or by boiling water tiles. They rise from the traps and up into the sky, often slightly getting blown side-wards as they travel and phasing through terrain and structures until they are out of view. Large enough bubbles may entrap a Lemming that happens to cross its path, carrying it up into the air until it bursts upon collision with any structure and leaving the suddenly released Lemming in a state of free fall.

  • Depending on the timing, Lemmings are sometimes brought to certain death by a bubble floating towards the path of an active trap
  • Lemmings are sometimes shielded from the effects of traps while inside the bubble (sometimes merely phasing through falling rocks and other projectiles)
  • Lemmings released into free fall will also find it difficult to dodge traps while falling, often needing an umbrella (parasol) to break the fall or gliders and balloons to navigate to safety

Smoke screen[]

A smoke screen is generated by smokers at fixed intervals, concealing the positions and states of Lemmings, traps, projectiles, and lasers within the smoke.


Haze is continuously generated by smoke monsters, partially obscuring the positions and states of Lemmings, traps, projectiles, and lasers within the haze. The effects of haze become more powerful with multiple smoke monsters grouped together, blacking out all visibility in the affected tiles, similar to darkness.

  • The "Lights On" booster cannot be used with haze

Gold Blocks[]

Gold blocks are destructible blocks which reward players 200 gold once excavated by a Lemming.

  • The gold is not mined by the player when the gold block is destroyed by traps and/or explosives

Question Mark Blocks[]

Question mark blocks are destructible blocks etched with a question mark which, upon destruction, may activate an exit portal. Levels containing question mark blocks will have all exit portals deactivated by default with each exit portal only activating when the correct question mark block is destroyed.

Key Blocks[]

Key blocks are destructible blocks etched with the image of a key. Levels containing key blocks will have all exit portals deactivated by default until all key blocks are destroyed.

Fast Forward Mode[]

Fast forward mode speeds the game up twice as fast and can be toggled on or off during normal gameplay using the fast forward button. "Quick Play" Mayhem levels, however, are permanently set to play out at 2x speed, requiring players to react faster to traps and other obstructions and often preventing players ample time to plan ahead.

Time Limits[]

Time limits are found in "Time Attack" and "Time Frenzy" Mayhem levels, imposing a countdown timer that will fail the level once it reaches zero. Before the time runs out, players must then either rescue every Lemming in time attack mode, or as many resurrecting Lemmings to solve the level in time frenzy mode.

Energy Limits[]

Energy limits impact playability given that players are given a finite number of energy to use and manage before being unable to continue. As such, energy count often becomes a factor in planning strategy and solutions for non-Challenge and any non-Mayhem levels, excluding "Energy Saving" Mayhem levels, and forces players to optimize energy usage sometimes over simpler, quicker, or more obvious yet more energy-heavy solutions.


The most common obstacle to be found in most Lemmings games would be the environment of the level itself, including convoluted level designs, Lemming-built stairs and structures, destructible terrain, and the indestructible steel structures of the level.