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My first teleporter
Difficulty Fun
Level # 5
No. of Lemmings 20
To be Saved 21
Time 2 Minutes
Level Chronology
Previous Give a fellow lem a hand
Next Total eclipse of the lem

My first teleporter is the fifth level of the Fun difficulty in Lemmings (PS3).

This level requires the full version of Lemmings to be played. As the fifth level of the Fun difficulty, it also requires the player to win at least two levels from the Fun difficulty to be unlocked.


The Lemmings enter the level atop a large box. The Exit portal is to their left. There is an empty space in the right-center of the box, which contains a Cloning Machine. There is a floor below the box, from which the Lemmings can fall to their death. Apply a Floater skill to the first 19 Lemmings so they can safely land here. Have the last Lemming become a Digger when it is directly above the empty space in the box.

Once the Lemming is inside the box, it will activate the Cloning Machine, which will clone the Lemming to make the total of 21 Lemmings needed to complete the level. The other Lemmings will enter the Teleporter on the floor, which will take them to a platform above the box. From there, they will turn left and pick up a Basher skill, then head to the Exit. Apply the Basher skill to one of the two last Lemmings when they are at the right edge of the interior. These Lemmings will be able to leave the box and enter the Teleporter as well, soon reaching the Exit. One Floater skill will remain.