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Difficulty Taxing
Level # 16
No. of Lemmings 100
To be Saved 97%
Release Rate 50
Time 3 Minutes
Level Chronology
Previous What an AWESOME level
Hunt the Nessy.... (Windows)
The Prison! (ZX Spectrum)
Next X marks the spot
Lunch time! (Genesis)

Mary Poppins' land is the sixteenth level of the Taxing difficulty in Lemmings.


Make the first two Lemmings Floaters, and then set up a Blocker at the steel edge. Allow the first Floater to scale the mountain, and drop at the other side, while you order the second one to turn around (use a Builder skill) when he reaches 2/3 of the mountain. Once he turned around, start building a ramp towards the start.

Meanwhile, let the second Floater reach the craggy land, and use a Builder skill to turn it around as well (he must pass the lava pool). When he is facing to the left, begin building up his ramp - it should start from the steel block at the left side of the lava pool. Build the two ramps simultaneously - if you did everything right, you should have more than enough Builder skills for that. Do not make any mistakes though - time is rather short.

By the time both ramps are ready, all Lemmings should have arrived (if not, put the release rate up to 99). The Blocker cannot be saved on steel surface, so bomb it, and the way to the exit will open for your Lemmings. They will reach the end of the level with about 40 seconds left on the clock.

100% Strategy[]

As Lemmings approach the edge of the starting platform, have the build in the same spot until bricks are stacked high enough to turn enough Lemmings around. Some Builders may turn around as they collide with each other's bridges, but make sure that no more than four Lemmings float down below. After two Floaters have created the safety ramps like in the strategy above, have one of the Lemmings held back build over the stack of ramps to free the rest.

Youtuber Richard Diaz was able to pull off this strategy using 18 of 20 Builder skills: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6X8AZEVysU

ZX Spectrum strategy[]

Turn the first lemming into a Floater while the second lemming is turned into a Blocker behind it. Once the Floater has made it to the top of the second row of steel blocks in the slope, make it build to turn him around, the build twice to the left to reach the pillar and create a safety net for the other lemmings. Let him walk back down his ramp then bash through the slope. Bomb the Blocker once there is a path to the exit and raise the release rate to 99.

Version differences[]

Atari Lynx
  • Only has 40 Lemmings and 38 must be saved.
  • Release rate is 40.
  • Only has 80 Lemmings.
  • 96% must be saved.
Megadrive / Sega Genesis / SNES
  • Was renamed "Umbrella land".
ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC
  • It's the 11th Taxing level and 41st level overall
  • Only has 20 lemmings and 19 must be saved.
  • Available skills are 1 Floater, 1 Bomber, 1 Blocker, 5 Builders and 1 Basher.
2006 Remake
  • Was renamed "Mary Pop land".
  • 5 minute time limit.

Access codes[]

  • Acorn Archimedes / Atari Lynx: NOTSOSWEET
  • Amiga: HMDHFINMGL / KMENGINMGW (Amiga Budget)
  • DOS:
  • Macintosh: IMDLGONMGX
  • PC:
  • Sega Genesis: YPKBX (America) / FKHPW (Europe)
  • ZX Spectrum: BAKJODIJEM


  • This level is named after the British nanny in the books by P.L. Travers