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This article is about the character. If you are looking for the video game, see The Adventures of Lomax.

Lomax (ロマックス Romakkusu) is a the titular protagonist of The Adventures of Lomax. He is a cowardly lemming knight who is thrust into becoming Lemmingland's unlikely savior after the sorcerer Evil Ed takes over with his black magic. Lomax is armed with a magical helmet that serves as his means of offense and protection, and he can use many other abilities to give himself an edge in his journey. His friend and mentor is the kindly wizard Wise Old Lorock.


Lomax is a dreamer who fantasizes about being a brave hero who can perform all manner of amazing feats,[1] when in reality, he is anything but an ideal hero. Rather, he is immensely afraid of fierce monsters and heights,[1] mischievous,[2] and an incorrigible braggart.[3] However, despite these unflattering qualities, in-game he is depicted as far more athletic and adventurous than the official materials make him out to be, showing far more joy than fear in his quest.