Difficulty Wicked
Level # 18
No. of Lemmings 60
To be Saved 83% (50 Lemmings)
Release Rate 1
Time 4 Minutes
Level Chronology
Previous Down the tube
Next Up, Down or Round and Round

LoTs moRe wHeRe TheY caMe fRom is the eighteenth level of Wicked, featured in Oh No! More Lemmings.


Method 1Edit

Turn the first lemming into a Builder at the edge of metal platform to get over an icicle that is just a bit too high for your lemmings to get over. The second and third lemmings must be made into Climbers the moment they land on the steel platform as they will walk off the Builder's ramp before it's finished. Let the Climbers venture ahead while the other lemmings become caught between in the icicles. There is an Ice Spike Trap located just before the seventh peak of the floating iceberg so have the first Climber build over it just before its trigger point so that no lemming will be killed by it regardless of which direction they're walking. He will collide with other icicles and will turn back to the left so have it build up to the steel platform to stop him from walking off the map.

Meanwhile, the second Climber will have ventured ahead. Once it has climbed over the tall icicle before the icy water, have it build to the exit. After the Ice Spike Trap has been dealt with, have one of the lemmings stuck between the tall icicles mine through the right one to clear it then turn it into a Builder to stop him. The next icicle that turns lemmings around can be bypassed with one Builder skill, but the one after will have to be mined through as well. Another tall icicle is located after Ice Spike Trap, followed by one more taller icicle which must be mined through. Raise the release rate to 99 once the lemmings can make it to the exit.

Method 2Edit

The first Lemming must build once starting from the edge of the steel platform. One or two lemmings will fall off his unfinished ramp and will be turned left by a tall icicle so build to steel platform to stop any lemming from walking off map. Let the first Builder drop onto the icicles when he finishes his ramp and then have it build up to the floating iceberg so that it can reach the base of the first peak. The first lemming to walk off his ramp must also build up to the iceberg to prevent access to the icicles beneath it.

Send two Climbers on top of the floating iceberg, keeping them some distance apart, while another lemming mines through the Builder's ramp leading to iceberg. The first Climber mines down between the fourth and fifth peak to create a tunnel that will bypass all the icicles, while the second turns around and mines down before he walks up the fourth peak so that the other lemmings can walk up onto the iceberg.

The first Climber must build over the icy water the instant he lands to reach the exit. Once there is a safe path to exit, raise the release rate to 99 and repair the hole in the Builder's ramp. Apply additional Builder skills as needed to free any other lemmings trapped between icicles.

Access codesEdit

  • DOS:
  • Macintosh: DLGIHTUOEI
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