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Sega Master System/Sega Game Gear
Traps and water omitted from preview

Difficulty Taxing
Level # 4
No. of Lemmings 40
To be Saved 75% (30 Lemmings)
Release Rate 50
Time 7 Minutes
Level Chronology
Previous Heaven can wait (we hope!!!!)
No choice but to follow them (Genesis)
Upsidedown World (ZX Spectrum)
Next The Prison!

Lend a helping hand.... is the fourth level of the Taxing difficulty in Lemmings.


Two trapdoors, and the exit is way up there. Hard as it may seem, it is very possible.

First of all, apply a Blocker at the right trapdoor near the Chain Trap. Have the first Lemming coming out of the left entrance build a staircase to the exit while another Lemming digs through the ramp to prevent others from following. The staircase must start from under the left side of the left trapdoor. While doing this, apply a Miner skill on the left crowd of Lemmings (heading right) and then make it bash to allow the crowd stuck in the right room to enter (and use a Builder skill on him when he is done). Use your sole Lemming on the left to build zigzagging ramps towards the exit. That alone isn't hard, but there are two Pin Traps located in the narrowest space leading to the exit. If you feel that your Lemming will enter its trigger zone, turn it into a Blocker and repair the hole in the ramp with another Builder. Then resume building towards the exit with the other Lemmings walking around. Another Blocker may be needed when you come close to the second trap. Once your Lemmings make it on top of the structure, one more Builder will be needed to reach the exit. Bomb any remaining Blockers.

Alternate solution[]

This solution is only possible on platforms that have no water, such as DOS.

A completely different solution is to have a Lemming from the left entrance mine and bash to the right. After the Basher passes most of the room on the right, have the second Lemming from the same entrance be a Blocker. Meanwhile, in the right room, set a Blocker just to the left of the Chain Trap, and have any other Lemming dig down to meet the tunnel. Now when the Basher pops out the right hand side, have him build a long staircase to reach the column on the far right of map. When he reaches its very top, have him build back to the left. If you did this correctly, he should be at the upper right column and you can just bash through to reach the exit. Then blow the Blocker holding the Lemmings back and you are done.

ZX Spectrum strategy[]

Have the first lemming heading left build once starting from the right-side of the first small block located in the floor after the pillar. When the ramp is connected, have another lemming build twice to the right starting from the top of the first ramp. This should connect the ramp to the bottom of the large block on which sits the exit.

Send a Climber to the right over the block, then have it build over the exit so that it does not enter. Raise the release rate to 99. When your Climber approaches the pillar to the right of the entrance, have it build against it so that he turns back to the left. Just before he hit the trigger point that would cause him to jump into the exit, turn him into a Miner. He will bypass the trigger point and continue mining until he reaches the other lemmings, who will then walk up the tunnel and successfully make it to the exit. The Climber will eventually hit his head in one of the small holes in the left-hand wall and join them.

Version differences[]

Atari Lynx
  • The Chain Trap is missing.
ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC
  • Only has 20 lemmings and 20 must be saved.
  • Release rate reduced to 1.
  • Time limit reduced to 4 minutes.
  • There is only one entrance in the middle of the level.
  • Available skills changed to 1 Climber, 5 Builders and 2 Miners.
2006 Remake
  • 10 minute time limit.

Access codes[]

  • Acorn Archimedes/Atari Lynx: DOORTODOOR (door to door)
  • DOS:
  • Macintosh: CKNOMFMQFL
  • Sega Genesis: DNKWP (America) / khhkp (Europe)
  • ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC: LIBMKLMOEV


  • This map is the 46th level on the Spectrum version of Lemmings and the 1st level on the Mayhem difficulty.


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