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Release rateRelease rate

Difficulty Hail
Level # 10
No. of Lemmings 80
To be Saved 100%
Release Rate 60
Time 4 Minutes
Skills Available 1 Bomber
1 Blocker
5 Builders
5 Bashers
5 Miners
Level Chronology
Previous Up, up, and away!
Next Emmings! (No L)

Lemmy in the cold, cold ground is the tenth level of the Hail difficulty in Holiday Lemmings 1994.


The first Lemming from the left-most entrance must build over the hole in the ground starting from the edge. When the first lemming from the right-most entrance turns left, have it build over the crevice then have it bash through the pile of snow when he connects his ramp with it. When he has broken through, have it bash again to reach the lemmings from the middle entrance. When he gets close enough, have him mine down so that other lemmings can walk up his tunnel. Meanwhile, the second lemming from the right-most entrance can begin bashing to the exit on the right.

To rescue the lemmings from the left-most entrance, have a lemming from the middle entrance mine right until it's at the same height as the ramp used to seal the hole, then bash towards them. Since there isn't a lot of time on the clock, raise the release rate to 99 once you don't have to worry about assigning a skill to a lemming going in the wrong direction.

Access codes[]

  • Amiga / PC: IJRMFLCKDJ

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