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For the 1993 game, see Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

Lemmings Tribes is a traditional Lemmings game for J2ME-enabled mobile phones. Released in 2008, it was the first Lemmings game to mention the tribes at all since The Lemmings Chronicles in 1994.


Despite being about the tribes, the game lacks any real story. Much like The Lemmings Chronicles, the game only features 3 tribes.

Additionally, there are 4 separate Tutorial levels that teach the player the 8 classic skills, including a playground level with infinite time and infinite skills to play around with.


Unlike its predecessor Lemmings Return, the mechanics are significantly different from the J2ME version of Lemmings. The 8 classic skills, for example, all function a bit differently from how they do in either of the former 2 games. The level structure, however, is entirely identical to Lemmings. The number of lemmings in each level does not depend on how many the player saved in the previous level; each level simply has a save requirement the player must meet. The levels can have anywhere from 1 to 20 lemmings.


LemmingsTribes wings

A Medieval Tribe lemming using the Icarus Wings skill.

Being the first Lemmings game to mention the tribes in over a decade, it's also the first traditional Lemmings game since 3D Lemmings to feature skills beyond the 8 classic skills. The different tribes have different selections of skills available to them.

Skills available to all tribes[]

Skills exclusive to the Medieval Tribe[]

Skills exclusive to the Space Tribe[]