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Lemmings Touch is a game for the PS Vita. While it was not the first Lemmings game to be controllable via a touchscreen, it was the first game to introduce proper touchscreen mechanics into the Lemmings series.


The game features 100 levels divided into 5 Ratings:

  • Tutorial (5 levels)
  • Beginner (15 levels)
  • Easy (20 levels)
  • Medium (25 levels)
  • Hard (35 levels)

Despite being an original game, Lemmings Touch reuses many levels from the PSP version of Lemmings, both the original Amiga levels and the new Special levels. For the game's new levels, there are two tilesets used: Candy and Space.


The control scheme is very similar to that of the PlayStation Mobile version of Lemmings. Instead of selecting a skill then assigning it to a lemming, you first select the lemming, then select the skill you want to assign it.

Various objects in the game are directly controllable by the player, similar to the Catapults and Cannons from Lemmings 2: The Tribes, by dragging along the touchscreen.

The game introduced Mischievous Lemmings which will destroy the Exit if they reach it.


  • One of the Candy level tracks is a rendition of Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, taking the franchise back to its musical roots.