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Lemmings Revolution (2000) is a Lemmings game created by Take 2 and Psygnosis. The game is set in 102 rotating level designs, where the player must guide the Lemmings to a Balloon in order to save them. (Level List)


  • Weasels are featured in the game. They walk around stages, killing any Lemming that walks into them. However, they are just as vulnerable as Lemmings. They also have Floater capabilities.
  • Speed-up pads are placed in some levels. They give a Lemming faster movement for a few seconds.
  • Teleporters are used in some levels to teleport a Lemming from one place to another.
  • Retractable Doors are quite common in the game. They can be opened or closed by using a switch or laser gate.
  • Timed Doors are similar to Retractable Doors but these only allow a certain amount of Lemmings past.
  • A Switch is an object that, when a Lemming walks past it, makes a vital change in the level. Sometimes the effect can be reversed by walking past it the other way.
  • A Laser Gate works in the same fashion as a switch, but is not reversible.
  • Shredders are traps that can move about the level at various speed and direction. They can be turned on and off with switches.
  • A bomber lemming about to explode can be stopped from exploding if given a new non-permanent skill, such as basher, while they're holding their head.
  • In Windows 11, arrows are bigger so Windows 11 users can see better.