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Lemmings Return is a follow-up to the rather short J2ME version of Lemmings. Despite the game having a unique title, it has very few truly unique levels of its own. It was released for J2ME-enabled mobile phones in 2006.


Gameplay is almost unchanged from the J2ME version of Lemmings, with a few minor improvements.

There are 30 levels total compared to J2ME Lemmings's 28, split into the same three ranks as J2ME Lemmings (Fun, Tricky, Taxing) with 10 levels in each. In both games, the Taxing rank is locked until the player completes Tricky.

Level Selection[]

While the game has a couple unique, albeit forgettable, levels, the vast majority of its levels are either taken directly from the later ranks of Lemmings (the J2ME version only had levels from the original Fun rank) or taken from Oh No! More Lemmings but reskinned with original Lemmings tilesets, much like the Mega Drive version of the original game, with most of them here taken from the Tame rank.


The game's soundtrack consists of exactly the same reused MIDIs from the Windows version of Lemmings that J2ME Lemmings had.

  1. Can-can
  2. Ten Lemmings
  3. Dance of the Reed Flutes
  4. She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain
  5. Rondo Alla Turca
  6. Dance of the Little Swans
  7. London Bridge

Curiously, none of the original compositions are present; only the public domain tracks are used in both games.