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Lemmings Paintball

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Developer Visual Science
Publisher Psygnosis
Release Date May 31, 1996
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Genre Action/Puzzle

'Lemmings Paintball' is a Action/Puzzle game developed by Visual Science and published by Psygnosis in 1996 for the Windows PC. It was packaged with the Windows version of Lemmings which included Oh No! More Lemmings


The game features very different gameplay from other Lemmings games. Players control their team of Lemmings in isometric enviroments, with the goal of reaching the end of the level while avoiding traps and paintballs from enemy Lemmings. Lemmings can defend themselves with their own paintball guns, and flip switches to activate different objects throughout the level.


'Lemmings Paintball' features 102 1-player levels divided into four categories named after the Original Lemmings difficulty levels

  • Fun
  • Tricky
  • Taxing
  • Mayhem


  1. Easy Zone
  2. Difficult {NOT!}
  3. Flag On A Hill
  4. Only Built For Lemming Use
  5. HALT! Who goes there ?
  6. Moonbase Alpha
  7. 2 - 1 Against !
  8. But the flag's over there....
  9. What happens when I stand here?
  10. Float To Victory
  11. Just Slide
  12. Fly The Flag
  13. What does this button here do?
  14. Switch in time
  15. here..there...oh anywhere
  16. Time Flies
  17. Oh Blast!
  18. Cods Law
  19. Bouncy, Bouncy !
  20. Bounce To Victory
  21. Bounce To Victory 2
  22. Happy Days
  23. Lem Gambino
  24. Next We Have a Cuddly Lemming.
  25. Mamamia the Ground is Moving.


  1. Lower That Wall
  2. One of our Lemmings is missing
  3. Switch in time 2
  4. Delicate Sound Of Lemmings
  5. Indiana Lemming.
  6. The Booby Trap.
  7. Even Lemmings Get The Blues
  8. Comfortably Green.
  9. Snow Joke
  10. High Tower
  11. Well, he can't get all of us !
  12. Easy Peasy Lemming Squeezy?
  13. Come Fly With Me
  14. A Balloon Too Soon...
  15. What could possibly be in here!
  16. Four Lemmings and a Flag
  17. hide and seek
  18. Lemming Long Legs
  19. The Red Lemming Connection.
  20. Wasn't There a Switch Here?
  21. Icelem Cometh
  22. State Of Mind
  23. Oh Blast and Double Blast!
  24. Go Forth and Multiply.
  25. Mission Control
  26. If You Can't Beat 'em, Join 'em


  1. Gatecrash Boogie
  2. A lovely pair of balloons!?!
  3. Access Denied
  4. Lem Mountain
  5. Lemmings on the Run.
  6. Lemming Shrub
  7. Charlies Lemmings
  8. Slide Away
  9. Hotel Calemfornia
  10. Missing Links
  11. A walk through dark places...
  12. New Lem In Town
  13. Grossi's Lair
  14. 4 go a-wandrin'
  15. Its a-maze-ing
  16. All is not lost...yet.
  17. Trail of the Moving Flag.
  18. Solve,solve like the wind!
  19. Dead End Lemming
  20. Moon Base Lemming
  21. Bouncy Boing!
  22. Lemming Drop
  23. Curse of the Paintball.
  24. Lemslip
  25. Time Bandits
  26. Easy Rider
  27. The Reactor
  28. To switch, or not to switch...
  29. Another Red Lemming Connection


  1. Multicoulored Lem Shop
  2. Let's Split
  3. Vortex
  4. Those Magnificent Lemmings...
  5. Teaching A Lemming New Tricks
  6. A Lemming In The Works
  7. Lemmings in the Woods.
  8. The Twelve Assassins of Lemming
  9. Big Trouble In Little Level
  10. Dead End Lemming Strikes Back
  11. Intersection
  12. Lemmings Cell Block X.
  13. Babylem 5
  14. Lemming Aid
  15. Leap of Faith
  16. Where Lemmings dare
  17. Lemming Flambe
  18. Nowhere to Run.
  19. Lemmings diLemma
  20. The Last Red Lemming Connection
  21. More Lemmings in the Woods.
  22. Be Careful Who You Shoot.

There are 12 2-player levels in the Network Game


  1. Lemming Hood and His Merry Lems
  2. Pleasure Island
  3. Lemming Balloon Burglars.
  4. Space Station Lemming.
  5. Network Intersection.
  6. Meet me at the Crossroads.
  7. Stair Wars
  8. Shoot you later Lemboy!
  9. Sneak and Squeek.
  10. Seek 'em High, Seek 'em Low.
  11. All Out 'til it's Over.
  12. Hide and Shoot.

Demo Levels[]

There are 5 one-player levels available in the demo:

  1. Fly The Flag (Fun rating)
  2. Bounce To Victory 2 (Fun rating)
  3. The Booby Trap. (Tricky rating)
  4. Lemmings on the Run. (Taxing rating)
  5. Multicoulored Lem Shop (Mayhem rating)