Lemmings Wiki
Tribe Circus Tribe
Level # 2
Maximum loss for Gold Zero
Time 3:00
Skills Available 01 Basher
03 Stompers
02 Fillers
01 Platformer
01 Roper
01 Flame Thrower
01 Pole Vaulter
Level Chronology
Previous LIGHTLINES....
Next We're Coming Home
We're Coming Home (SNES)
Stairway to Heaven (Game Boy/Game Gear)

Lemmings In The Family is the second level of the Circus Tribe in Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

Gold medal strategy[]

Wait until your first lemming has bounced over several trampolines then make it a Stomper when he's heading left standing above the thicker portion of the platform before the two trampolines placed before the gap. Make your Stomper bash once the fall is safe enough for your other lemmings so that none of them walk to the right. Use the Flame Thrower or the two available Filler skills to allow your lemmings to walk out of the shallow pit and towards the exit.

Version differences[]

Game Boy/Game Gear
  • Renamed to "Lems in the family".
  • Time limit increased to 5 minutes.
  • The Filler and Pole Vaulter skills were replaced with 2 Pyramiders and 1 Magic Carpet respectively.
  • Number of platforms and trampolines have been reduced.

Access code[]

  • Game Boy/Game Gear: DJCHFCKF