The Lemmings 2 demo has four levels to it, not found in the full version, even though the last one resembles a level of a similar name in the full version. The skill User is exclusive to this demo, and lemmings that are not Users will pass by the gadgets they come to. Each tribe starts with 30 lemmings instead of 60, and you get a score instead of a medal, based on number saved, skills used, and the identity of the level.

There are four levels, with names in capitals only, and the order you play them is restricted as follows:

There's an Amiga version as well, with each tribe starting with 50 lemmings, and this version has only three levels:

Layouts of common levels are identical, but in the Amiga version, lemmings never have to be Users to use objects, so the number of Users is zero.

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