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For the remake of the 1991 game, see Lemmings (2006).

Lemmings (PS3) is a traditional Lemmings game released via PlayStation Network for the PS3. It's a common misconception that this game is the same remake of Lemmings that was released on the PSP and PS2, but it is an entirely original game.


The game features 45 levels, 5 of which are playable within the game's free trial. The other 40 are split into 4 difficulty ratings with the same names as those from Lemmings (1991): Fun, Tricky, Taxing, and Mayhem.

The game retains the original 8 skills from Lemmings (1991) and does not have any skills beyond those. However, it does have some additional game mechanics that the original game did not have. Most notably, the game features Pick-up Skills within the levels, which a lemming must walk to and collect before it can be used by the player. Note that this is a distinct mechanic from the Tools found in The Lemmings Chronicles, which are only usable by the lemming that collected them and can be dropped somewhere else in the level.

The game also introduced Cloning Machines, which make a clone of a lemming that walks into them, including any Permanent Skills that the original lemming had. Teleporters from Lemmings 2: The Tribes make a return, and the game introduced dark levels to Lemmings, which would go on to make a return in Lemmings: The Puzzle Adventure.


  • The game's working title during development was, confusingly, Lemmings 2.