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Lemmings (2006) is a remake of the original Lemmings, which was published in 1991. The original PSP version features all new graphics and sound, a couple new control features, a custom level editor (which originally allowed users to upload levels for others to play), and 36 new levels on top of the original 120.


Aside from the obvious graphics and sound updates, the game allows you to zoom into the level to better discern what the lemmings are doing on the small screen. It also includes a weaker version of the Lock-On functionality from the ZX Spectrum version, requiring the player to hold a button down and not automatically scrolling the screen.

The level editor allows players to put terrain pieces, traps, and other objects throughout a level. It allows tileset mixing and has "sketches" of various skills to help the maker line things up properly.

PlayStation 2[]

The PS2 version includes all of the above as well as an entire side-game known as EyeToy Lemmings. It uses the camera-based EyeToy accessory and has mechanics unlike any other Lemmings game. It has 20 unique levels.

PlayStation Mobile[]

The PSM version lacks the level editor of the PSP version. To compensate for being played on a touchscreen, it has an entirely new control scheme, essentially a combination between the ZX Spectrum Lock-On feature and the later Lemmings Touch control scheme. First, the player must tap on a lemming, at which point the cursor will lock onto it. Then, to assign it a skill, the player simply taps on whatever skill is desired in the skill bar at the bottom.


  • The music is almost entirely the same across all 3 releases, but the track known as "Lemming 1" is somewhat different in the PS2 release.
  • The music in the PSM version is noticeably compressed.
  • The Lemmings were voiced by Tim Follin. (And he had fun doing it!)
  • EyeToy Lemmings includes some additional voice clips with no credit associated with them that have only made very obscure appearances since.